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Christmas Recipes and Foods


Merry Christmas Mates... :D

Looking for Christmas Recipes.You are on the right track. 

Wahoo Preparation of Christmas is going fast  hmmm..Many of you confused in what to make on christmas but don't worry i  am here to help you ....
So, first of all Take a deep breath because you are looking soo excited ..:P
Now there are some name and methods of the recipes you must like it ;)

There are some vegetarian Recipes here. You can Download recipe from this blog and make your dish.

Vegetarian Recipes

  • Chestnut, spinach & blue cheese en croĆ»te

Chestnut Christmas Recipes

Preparation Time : 20 Min
Coking Time : 55 Min

Download Recipe from here
  • Truffled parsnip & Parmesan bruschetta
Truffled parsnip Christmas Recipe

Preparation Time : 10 Min 
Coking Time : 25 Min 
Download Recipe from here

  • Classic Christmas Pudding
Classic Christmas Pudding Christmas_Recipe

Preparation Time : 20 Min
Cooking Time : 8 Min
Download Recipe form here

  • Chicory & houmous bites
Chicory & houmous bites Christmas Recipe

Preparation Time : 15-20 Min
Cooking Time : 40 Min
Download Recipe form here

  • Grilled goat's cheese with cranberry dressing
Grilled goat's cheese with cranberry dressing christmas recipe

Preparation Time : 15 Min
Cooking Time : 5 Min
Download Recipe form here